My London Travel Guide

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London, the hub of the UK. There is something about the hustle and bustle of the City that is really exciting. I live about 50 minutes from central London, meaning that I don’t have to endure tall buildings, sweaty commuters and the underground every day, however growing up I’ve been on a few day trips here and there. I’m staying in London for a few days in June with my friends for drinks, music and laughs and I’m really excited. I thought that I could write a little post about things to do in London, and my tips and tricks for getting around the City. I’m no expert, but I hope it’s insightful for some of you, whether you’re coming for a holiday or just going on a day trip!


One of the main things that is great about London is that there is a train to almost anywhere. The tube is a quick and practical way of getting places, and it isn’t mega bucks. I won’t lie, if you’re claustrophobic it’s not the best environment because it’s hot, stuffy and you’ll probably spend the 20 minute journey with your head in very near proximity to someone underarm. There are also buses, and you could get a taxi but they are very pricey! The best way to see the city is by walking. Obviously not the quickest method, but walking across Waterloo Bridge in the summer is pretty stunning.

Places To See…

London is full of lovely places. Covent Garden is touristy, but so pretty all year round. It’s a great place to go for a coffee and cake, you won’t struggle to find a bakery, and Shake Shack planted themselves right in the centre of the plaza meaning you can eat your burger while watching the entertainer of the day, normally an opera singer or a magician.


Embankment is one of my favourite places to visit in the summer. It is, as the name suggests, right beside the river, and you can walk along with an ice cream or a crepe sunning yourself. You can walk along for miles, or grab a bite to eat at one of the many restaurants. There is also a market selling cheese and bread…the best combination!

The Tower of London is a place that I have walked through recently, although I didn’t go in, and the setting really is lovely. Bear in mind, it was sunny when I went so it made the setting 10x more pretty, but it is the perfect place to grab an ice cream and have a chilled out stroll

Things to Do…

And finally to end the longest blog post in the history of blog posts, the best things to do in London!

This kind of links to my travel point above, but I think the Water Taxi is a must. It’s exactly like the bus but…on water (wow Emma state the obvious…). It’s so easy to do, and I find it really fun! There is a shop on board, so you can eat a KitKat while watching the world rush by. It goes from one end of London to the other, but you can get off in between.

The Emirates Air Line has had mixed reviews, but we went for my dad’s birthday last year and despite gripping hold of the side of the cart certain that I was about to meet my death by falling into the Thames, the views were really cool! It goes from Greenwich to the other side of the Thames and back again. If that terrifying experience doesn’t scare you enough, you can then walk over the top of the 02! No, I haven’t done it and nor do I want to. I like to keep my feel firmly on the ground!


And finally, you can’t go to London without meeting the Queen! Well, not literally, but you can walk around her house so it’s close enough right?! Buckingham Palace is open during the summer months, and I would recommend pre booking as it can get super busy. The main real reason I went was to try and make Prince Harry fall in love with me…sadly I was a tad optimistic *sigh* one day, one day…

*All Photos taken by me.


But what will people think?

Body confidence. The most over talked about subject in the world but yet still SO important.  Spring is pretty much here, although you wouldn’t believe it if you look out my window right now. With warm weather comes the dreaded “do I have to go out without a coat on?” question.

I used to be a prime example of someone who hates summer clothes. I would often leave the house during August with a duffel coat, jeans and flip flops. Honestly I seemed to have spent most of my teenage years worried about what my legs looked like, having fat arms and whether my tummy was showing. I thought that the world was so bothered about what I looked like, but just a quick reality check, and I mean this with kindness, nobody actually gives a shit. Really? Yes. Really.

Ladies, and gentlemen, if you want to wear hot pants, wear the hot pants. Want to go to Tesco in a bikini? Go for it. (Not recommended, the frozen section could be a bit nippy…anyway you get my point.)

Being scared or nervous to go out in shorts, or a skimpy top, is just a bloody inconvenience. Do what YOU want. Don’t be put off by what other people may or may not be thinking, because chances are they are trying to work out what to have for dinner rather than analysing your outfit.

I feel as if I’ve suddenly just adapted a “I don’t give a crap,” attitude and it feels GREAT. Don’t get me wrong, it is hard to be confident, and I’m not claiming that I suddenly feel prepared to go starkers in public, or that I totally love what I look like in the mirror. But push yourself to be a little bit more sassy and the world is your oyster.

Next time you put back the multicoloured handbag because it’s “too colourful” stop and think. If YOU love it, wear it with pride. You are beautiful, it’s time others saw that as well. 


Have a lovely week,

Em x

Long time no blog…

*sigh* she’s done it again. How long has it been Emma? I would love to think of myself as an organised person, but A Levels are slowly taking over my life, and along with trying to catch up with Broadchurch on TV, blogging has taken a back seat. I love it though, the amount of time I spend reading blogs could really be spent writing my own.

So here I am with a new years resolution. Nearly two months late, but nevertheless, a resolution. I’m going to give it a go, although I’m still trying to get my head around the fact that it is 2015 already; wasn’t 2008 last year?

Right then, I’m going to pop off and plan a new post, maybe something about sticking to plans…hmm sounds familiar…

Have a lovely weekend, whatever you do make sure it involves lots of tea and chats.

Em x

Chocolate Galore


After a bit of a pants morning, I came home at lunchtime and started binging on Tanya Burr videos. Sometimes, all we need is Tanya to cheer us all up, and she certainly does that. I love watching her videos, and I am quite sad that her September vlogs are over. After watching her Chocolate cookie video, I obviously had to make my own! Chocolate is great, and baking just makes me feel so calm and happy. I blasted out The Scripts new album, and got to work. And the outcome was, well, amazing, even though I say so myself. I thought I would share with you the recipe I used, as I changed it up a bit and did my own thing in some parts. Tanya’s original recipe is here. Happy Baking!

 I made 21 cookies, in varied sizes!
 200g butter
275g caster sugar
1 large egg
220g self-raising flour
75g cocoa powder
Milk (only if the mixture is dry)
Chocolate (this is definitely personal preference, I used Sainsbury’s Milk and White chocolate, which was all I had!)
Turn your oven on to 170 degrees Celsius. I have a fan oven, so it may be a bit higher if you don’t.
Step 1. Put your sugar and butter into a bowl and mix together. I did this by hand, but feel free to use an electric mixer. It should look like a yellowy combination!
Step 2. Crack in your egg, and mix
Step 3. Once you have your wet, eggy mixture, pour in the cocoa powder and flour. This literally goes EVERYWHERE so be careful. I discovered this the hard way!
Step 4. (optional) Add in a splash of milk. I found my mixture to be quite dry, so adding the milk made it a bit easier to combine.
Step. 5. Chocolate! Honestly, the amount you add is completely a personal decision, but I kind of just threw it in the bowl. Approximately, I used 1 whole bar, and a few chocolate chips as well. Mix this together thoroughly and eat the chocolate at the same time (you are only human).
Step 6. Put them on the tray. This is the hard bit, because I cant seem to get even scoops of mixture. TIP –  use an ice cream scoop, because it is a good size, and it makes it slightly easier to evenly spread it out. I also think its key to have one chunk of chocolate in each cookie!
Step 7. Pop them in the oven for 10 minutes. Tanya recommends 11 minutes, but I had my oven a bit high. They should look slightly crispy on the outside, and soft to touch. they may not seem cooked, but don’t over do it! Trust me, otherwise they might go hard.
While they’re baking, you could do the washing up…or not…
Leave them to cool for 20 minutes and then enjoy with a cup of tea! I hope you’re all having a lovely day,
Em x


Autumn haze

October is upon us, and with that comes a lot of tea, woolly hats, candles and crisp brown leaves. I love this time of the year. Summer is great, but there is nothing quite like the smell of bonfires, and snuggling up in front of the fire, eating too much chocolate. Something that excites me beyond belief about this time of the year is that Christmas is just around the corner! I wont lie, I’ve already had a quick snoop on the John Lewis Christmas online shop… I have a little list of my favourite things about autumn, and I hope you all enjoy! Let me know what your favourite seasonal past time is..OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Autumn Walks

Walking with my family on a Sunday afternoon is just such a fun way to end the weekend. In the autumn/winter, its completely acceptable to wear thick socks, a large scarf and lots of layers! It’s a tradition in my household that you must catch a leaf before winter sets in, to bring you good luck. This is always a challenge for me, due to the fact that I’m so clumsy its ridiculous, but it’s such a laugh, and being outdoors makes me feel so relaxed and at ease. Nature is such a beautiful thing, especially in the autumn, with all the different colours.


This sounds a bit strange, but I love lights! Fairy lights, candle lights, its just so cosy. As soon as the colder months come around, my candles are being burned. I just love the warmth and beauty of them, and how a room looks so gorgeous and festive with the lights dimmed and my fairy lights on. These lights above are so picturesque, and the whole room feels so vintage. My favourite candle scent will always be vanilla, and from September to March, that’s pretty much the only scent you will get!


Last but certainly not least on my list is winter clothing. Scarves are my favourite thing to wear, as most of my friends know you will rarely see me without a scarf, which is partly due to the fact that I sing, and I’m prone to getting throat problems, and partly because I just love them! I’m wearing the tartan pictured above right now (This scarf is last season at Zara, but I’ve found a similar one) and I feel very snuggled and warm. Winter boots are also a favourite, along with my obsession for coats. Can you tell I like autumn yet?

Grab a cup of tea, snuggle up and get ready for a great, optimistic and happy season. Tis’ the season to be jolly, right?(well, nearly!)

Love, Em x

Life is a journey…

I started this blog thinking that it would be a really easy hobby. Naive, I know. I thought that make up and beauty was what inspired me. The thing is, I feel that as soon as I began to actually think about what to type on a blank document, my brain froze. I realise now that all I was doing was following what I saw the most. Fashion and Beauty. And there is nothing wrong with that! I love fashion and beauty blogs, but its just not right for me. This website, this special piece of me on the internet, is a perfect opportunity to be myself. Me, myself and I. And that’s a scary thing to think about. A lot has changed in the past few months, and I’m inspired.

Being a teenager, I (along with most 17 year old girls) spend a lot of my time fitting in. And don’t get me wrong, I’m perfectly happy, I have a great group of amazing friends, and I’m very lucky. But sometimes, we all need to be a bit original. So that’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to be continuing this blog, with posts about food, lifestyle, inspiration, and how to be happy. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m no expert on all these things, and I might not get it right every time. But I’m human, we try, and we don’t always get it spot on. You only get one life, and I’m going to grab every opportunity thrown at me.

I hope that the few people that read this little blog stick with me, and maybe a few more people will find me and feel inspired as well. I hope your all happy today.

Love Em xx

Lip love


I’m very aware that all I seem to write about is lip products…it’s a slight obsession! I do plan on reviewing my new Bourjois Mascara this month, along with a new Body Shop perfume that is to die for. But for now, I’m going to tell you all about my favourite lip butter, that honestly, I can’t live without. Those who know me are aware of my love for vanilla. Candles, perfume, body butter, you name it, I have the vanilla version. So when I heard about the Vanilla and Macadamia lip butter by Nivea, I was desperate to get my hands on it.

image (3)

I found it in Sainsbury’s of all places, for about £2.50, which isn’t bad at all. I stood at the checkout sniffing it for about 20 minutes, and the amount of times I said to my mum, “oh my gosh I’m obsessed,” was slightly over the top. And it works amazingly well. I wont lie, I did wonder whether it was just a pretty product, rather than an effective one, but I can honestly say that my lips, that crack and bleed on a daily basis, have never felt so soft! I can apply lipstick without dry peeling skin (gross but true). There is a slight drawback though. Getting the lid off the tin is mission impossible, and it seems to take me about three attempts before I can actually use it, which is quite annoying. That said, it won’t stop me from repurchasing!

I hope you’re all having a lovely week 🙂
Emma x

Blog fail

So, my resolution for this month was to post about loads of different products, lifestyle events etc. BUT I haven’t posted anything. Well done me. I don’t even have a very good excuse, life just seems to be so hectic at the moment, that by the time I sit down to write a post, I’m half asleep or very uninspired. Once the next two weeks are out the way, I have lots of new material coming up. I’ve been using the new Bourjois products that I wrote about in my previous post (you can read that here if you like! so a review will be coming your way, along with a whole post dedicated to my favourite lip balm EVER! Again, sorry for my absence, I will definitely be making a reappearance in the very near future.

Hope you have a lovely weekend xx

Lip Crayon madness

I have a really big obsession when it comes to lipstick. I just think it’s the best product to finish an outfit, or add a pop of colour. I was looking in Boots for a bright pink product, because I’m going to a wedding tomorrow, and thought I would treat myself (unnecessary, but I don’t feel guilty…). Boots on Oxford Street is massive, so I had a good variety to choose from. After being impressed by the Bourjois foundation, I thought I would give their lippy a go. I went for their ‘Colour Boost’ range, which is similar to the Revlon Colour Burst (very similar in name choice too!). It’s a lipstick, but comes in the form of a crayon. I chose no.02 Fuchsia Libre, because I thought the colour was very bold and pretty. So far I’m really impressed. The colour is strong, and doesn’t come out to pale. It has a very glossy, dewy finish, along with the lasting shine. I often find lip butters rub off the lips after a few minutes, but this seems to have lasted for a few hours. It is a versatile product, and you can apply light or dark, depending on how bold you are feeling. The range comes in 6 colours.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA




I hope you have a lovely weekend x

Boots haul


Does everyone else run out of ALL their make up at the same time? My foundation began to run out, then my mascara, and then my eye-liner! It’s so annoying, and not to mention really bad for my bank balance. I received a Boots gift card for my birthday in March, and I had planned on using it to purchase something off the Bare minerals stand. Sadly, day to day make-up took first place, but I’m really happy with what I purchased. I have never used any of these products before, and I’m excited to give them a go.


I picked up this Bourjois Volume 1 seconde mascara, partly because I thought the tube was seriously cool, and because it was at an introductory price of £6.99 (compared to the usual £9.99). I love volume mascaras, because I think they really make my eyes stand out. I’ve been through every mascara out there, from Benefit ‘They’re real’, to Rimmel ‘Day to Night’, but I thought I would go for something different. This also comes in a waterproof version, and I stuck to Black.


The second product I picked up was this Soap and Glory Super cat eye-liner in Carbon black. I already love that it is versatile, with the option of a thick line or thin line, and the colour is very dark and dramatic. I find eye-liner isn’t to difficult if you’ve got the right pen (I stand by pens, gel liner is not the one), and therefore I can’t wait to give this a go.

The final product I picked up has been the most loved foundation within the beauty industry, and I definitely feel that I’m jumping on the bandwagon quite late. Bourjois Healthy mix foundation is supposed to be great, and for me, foundation is the most important product to apply. I have, again, been through every foundation out there. I got the shade 51, and I’m really hopeful that the coverage is as good as everybody tells me.

There we have it. I hope you all enjoyed reading about my mini haul! I might do a review later on in the month (probably in June now, where has the time gone?) and I will get round to a post about my recent trip to New Look, although the weather is so unpredictable in the UK that as soon as I go to take outfit photos, rain appears.

I hope you’re having a great week x